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Walking Safaris with The Safari Guys

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Our trails take place on private concession land which is part of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve and Wilderness area in Eastern Botswana.

Cost of trail is Pula 980.00 per person per night, fully catered regardless of accommodation options

For those that would rather read the book than watch the movie . . .

Our fully-catered wilderness trails are custom-designed, but usually take place over a period of four nights and have three full days of walking. 

Two experienced professional rangers accompany you on the trail. We have three very different accommodation and trail-experience options with which to tailor-make the trails:

Serolo Camp - is our luxury tented camp and can be used as the base for walking out each day.  This camp is sited on the floodplain of the Limpopo River.

Trails Camp - is a very rustic camp comprised of dome tents and a bush-kitchen and all cooking is done over an open fire.  This camp is located in our wilderness area.

Roughing it - for these evenings, we sleep on the ground wherever we may be and usually carry sleeping bags, sleeping mats, our food, water and all other essentials with us (although these can be delivered for us).  We sleep around a fire, with trailists taking shifts in mounting a watch for the evening, ensuring that we remain safe.  We will usually spend these evenings in areas where there is no vehicle access.

You are welcome to request a trail consisting of any combination of these options, or maybe decide that one option is the best for the entire duration of the trail.  We may use a vehicle to gain access into some of the better walking areas.

A typical day is made up of two sessions: after a dawn wake-up and a cup of coffee or tea and rusks, we head off for a morning walk, which lasts around four hours. We take regular breaks and rest halfway through the morning walk at a pleasant spot to enjoy basic snacks, fruit juice and water. We then return to camp, have a shower and a hearty brunch, followed by a siesta. In the afternoon we go for another walk and return to camp just after sunset. The evening meal is served about an hour later around the camp fire.

We supply lightweight backpacks and water bottles for use on the trail. The trail covers between 8 and 12 kms per day, depending on the level of fitness of trailists. Children 16 years old and younger cannot participate on these trails.

Trails meals provided are:

  • Morning tea, coffee, rusks, fruit, snacks

  • Substantial brunch in the camp

  • Afternoon tea, coffee, biscuits, fruit, snacks

  • Bush dinner around the camp fire

You must bring:

Hat, torch (essential), sunscreen, insect repellent, strong comfortable walking shoes, neutrally-coloured clothes, binoculars (optional), camera (optional).

Although drinks are available for purchase from us, you are welcome to bring your own drinks.

Please note: Although we recommend 4-night trails, we are able to accommodate shorter or longer duration trails, subject to camp availability. Please contact us if you wish to discuss options.

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