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Diederik has been conducting guided and safaris since 1986, taking countless people on tours and safaris to such adventurous places as Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Malawi. The Safari Guys is the Adventure Tour Division of Touch Africa Safaris.

What makes The Safari Guys so unique is that all routes, trails, meals and accommodation are planned and personally led by Diederik. Local help is used when necessary - at campsites especially where local people will be hired for the duration of the stay as "camp helpers" - cooking, washing, cleaning cars etc.

The tours are quoted on a combined lodge/hotel camping basis. Where necessary chalets or lodges and private houses are used, based on the best available accommodation in the area.

The Safari Guys supply all necessary camping equipment -  tents, mattresses, chairs, cutlery, crockery etc. A list of personal equipment that you will need to bring will be supplied.

You also need to bring a healthy sense of adventure and heaps of enthusiasm. All our trails are based on a non-competitive eco- sensitive principal. Our tours are not races, or set up with the intent to get "there" in a hurry - the journey is half the fun!

Most meals (breakfast and dinner) are provided by The Safari Guys when camping. A range of delightful meals such as potjies, braai's, salads and English breakfasts will be prepared. In the event of staying in formal accommodation, the establishment will provide breakfast and dinner. Where possible fresh groceries are purchased along the way at roadside markets, farm stalls and municipal markets in an effort to support the communities we travel through. Most lunches will be served el fresco.

Camping Holiday on the shores of Lake Malawi
Camping Holidays in Malawi

The Guys feel  passionately about providing you with a true, once in a lifetime, overland 4x4, touring experience, doing everything possible to make your trip as hassle-free, enjoyable and relaxing as Africa will allow. While on tour you need to remember that Africa will, without question, throw a surprise or two just to keep life interesting!

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