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Antique Maps of Africa - Hondius Map of AfricaJodocus Hondius
(October 14, 1563, Wakken — February 12, 1612, Amsterdam)

Jodocus Hondius (sometimes called Jodocus Hondius the Elder to distinguish him from his son) was a Flemish artist, engraver, and cartographer. He is best known for his early maps of the New World and Europe, for re-establishing the reputation of the work of Gerard Mercator, and for his portraits of Francis Drake. He helped establish Amsterdam as the center of cartography in Europe in the 17th century.

Map Used on this website - 1606

Antique Maps of Africa - G de L'Isle Map of AfricaGuillaume De L'Isle (1675-1724)

Guillaume de L' Isle, appointed Royal Geographer in 1718, was the leading French cartographer of the early 18th century, and certainly among the most influential. He was known for his prolific output--over 100 maps--and his exceptional accuracy.

From his first atlas, published at age 25, De L’Isle made an effort, unprecedented in his era, to base his work on verifiable, current data and to correct prevalent fallacies, such as the depiction of California as an island. His maps and atlases were frequently reissued after his death by Philippe Buache, Phillippe’s nephew Jean Nicolas Buache, and J.A. Dezauche. The Amsterdam publishers Covens and Mortier also reissued de L’Isle maps.

Map Used on this Website - 1720

Antique Maps of Africa - Seutter Map of AfricaGeorge Matthaeus Seutter (1678- 1757)

Matthaeus Seutter was one of the most important of the German cartographers and publishers. Born in Augsburg, Seutter served an apprenticeship in Nuremberg with J.B.Homann since 1697. Later Seutter established his own map business in Augsburg and became a serious competitor to Homann. Seutter's and Homann's maps are often similar. These maps usually are richly decorated with figures, fauna, flora. Seutter was appointed Geographer to the Imperial Court of Charles VI.

Seutter's business was firstly inherited by his son Albrecht Carl Seutter (1722-1762) and later by his son-in-law Tobias Conrad Lotter (1717-1777).

Map Used on this Website - 1735

Emanuel Bowen (1714 - 1767)

Antique Maps of Africa - Bowen Map of AfricaEmanuel Bowen, map and print seller, was engraver to George II and to Louis XV of France. He worked in London from about 1714 onwards producing some of the best and most attractive maps of the century. He had plans for completing a major County Atlas but, finding the task beyond his means, joined with Thomas Kitchin to publish The Large English Atlas. Many of the maps were issued individually from 1749 onwards but the whole atlas was not finally completed until 1760. With one or two exceptions they were the largest maps of the counties to appear up to that time (690 x 510mm) and are unusual in that the blank areas round each map are filled with historical and topographical detail which makes fascinating and amusing reading. The atlas was re-issued later in reduced size.

Apart from his county maps and atlases of different parts of the world he also issued (with John Owen fl. 1720) a book of road maps based, as was usual at that time, on Ogilby but again incorporating his own style of historical and heraldic detail.

In spite of his royal appointments and apparent prosperity Emanuel died in poverty. His son, Thomas, who carried on the business, was no more fortunate, and died in a Clerkenwell workhouse in 1790.

Map Used on this Website - 1747

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